Instruction for Wholesale

Interested in NEW cooperation?

If you have a shop and you are interested in cooperation you can contact us by e-mail and give us your VAT number and business address.

After verifying the active VAT ID and checking the site for a partner already in your area, we will contact you for further information.

Are you already our customer?

If you are already a customer and want to see wholesale prices, or even place your order online, you will need to register (here). If it is better for you or if you are having difficulty, this can be done by us, as long as you ask for it (here).

It is important to know that:

The ordered color is the one under the field COLOR (maybe will not be same as the color of the product in the picture).  That means you can order any of the available colors even if there is not a picture of it.

• Ready-made products (Stock) do not exist, are produced upon order.

• Delivery time in Wholesale orders depends on the time and volume of the order. We inform you about the delivery time after you place your order.

• Generally, we avoid wholesale cooperation with companies that exclusively sell Online without a physical store.