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"Valsamo" Leather Bracelet

4 cm Leather bracelet with metalic bull. Length 22 cm


«Yakinthos» Leather bracelet

Leather bracelet with strass ring for a rock & glam style. Dimensions 20x5 cm


"Lilium" Leather Bracellet

5 cm Leather bracelet with cutouts. Snaps in two positions.


«Milia» Leather bracelet

Leather bracelet (50mm wide) with circular cuts of several sizes. So pop and girly, in a 60s style. Length 20 cm


«Cobra» Leather bracelet

Leather bracelet with a unique design that looks like the cobra head with gold details. It stands alone as a jewel and it matches better mono-colour and minimal clothes. Length 18,5 cm


"Fikos" Leather bracelet

Leather Leaf shape bracellet with metalic closure.


«Manolia» Leather bracelet

Leather bracelet splitted in 4 small strips that clasps at two different places for better fitting and versatile style. If it is worn loose fit it gives a more elegant style, otherwise it looks more like a wristband bracelet.


"Paparouna" Leather Bracelet

3,5 cm Leather bracelet "Braid", six braided stripes. Snaps in two positions.